JFW 10/11 Day 4: The Cocktail Hour from APPMI

APPMI cocktail wear presentation was divided into 3 slots which spanned into 2 days. The first one of which I attended on tuesday includes APPMI designers such as Hartono Gan, Mario & Jo by Vicky Soetono, Rudy Liem, Adhyadma, Harry Lam, Dwi Iskandar and Yunita Kosasih.

Cocktail wear is one thing all women have in common. Regardless of the shape, it is a must have item in everyone’s wardrobe, although we hardly wear it. These are the attires that we’re going to use for a special night out or party with friends, office function, business dinner or even wedding party. The seven designers from APPMI showed us many choices that we can have for the various occasions.

Opening the show Hartono Gan offered a walk to remember to the 90’s by using silhouette associated with that era. The clothes needed to be functional because women nowadays have so many things fit into their schedule. Mario & Jo by Vicky Soetono wanted to reflect the young and energetic spirit with the use of dramatic colours and touches of embroidery and batik within the pieces. Whereas in the curly love collection by Rudy Liem you will see dresses that will fit into a formal occasions such and party where the dresses has been added a curly twist :)

The next one is the collection by Adhyadma titled Lady’s Cosmo where, contrary to the modern theme that he would like to depict, the textile used was actually a woven textile from Kalimantan Barat called tenun cual corak which was usually worn by the royal milieu to a ceremonial event. Through a touch of this woven, Adhyadma brought the ceremonial woven textile into the day of a career women that looks dynamic and strong.

The Great Taj Mahal by Harry Lim depicted elegance in the dresses and it also showed beauty at every flow the dress took.

As usual, I can’t help but to pick favourite. This time it was the collection by Dwi Iskandar titled ‘Move On’ where it was dominated by the colour grey and black. It tried to depict our world and what once was a green beautiful land became something strong and arrogant as reflected on the cut of the clothes.

Last one is the collection from Yunita Kosasih which brought the innocent of the youth through a collection called School Lady. It was reflected through the vibrant colours chosen for the collection and the combination of different fabric that created cheerfulness into the collection.