JFW 10/11 Day 4: Promising New Talents

Cleo Fashion Awards is perhaps one of the most anticipated shows held during Jakarta Fashion Week because we get to see the brightest young Indonesian designers/fashion labels present their creativity.

Every year, Cleo awarded fashion labels, both local and international, in different categories (The”It” Bag, the Most perfect jeans, The Best Work Wear, to name a few). Apart from those, Cleo magazine also gave recogniton to new talents through ‘Most Innovative Local Brand’ and ‘Most Talented Designer’. These titles were given to Cotton Ink and Dina Vahada respectively. I must say, after seeing how the brand grew for the past few years and having bought a lot of items from them, I felt a sense of joy to hear Cotton Ink won the award. They truly deserved it. Congrats again Carline and Ria! :)

Anyway, on to the show. It opened with a parade of models wearing Danjyo Hiyoji‘s latest collection. Their collection, with its play of layering, drapingĀ  and twisting in various shades of pastel, was surely a crowd-pleaser. Worth noted were their wide-legged, billowy pants which they balanced nicely with structured jackets. Besides Danjyo Hyoji, Kle also showcased her collection as last year’s winner of Cleo Fashion Awards. Some of the models walked out with a small cardboard taped to their heads and written on it were some thought-provoking statements. I didn’t have a chance to talk to Kleting and ask her what those writings were supposed to mean, but I think guessing is part of the fun :) About the collection itself, luckily there was no need to guess. They were beautifully done and perfectly styled. Loose capes and jackets layered with little tops and paired with slouchy pants. Slinky dresses in beautiful printed fabrics. I also loved the shades she chose for the collection, which were taupe, olive green and stunning turquoise.

Danjyo Hiyoji


We also saw 4 new labels who presented their creations that night. Resida Irmine, who dressed her models in stylish, ready-to-wear outfits dominated by black and white. Resida was followed by Vahada, who surprised the guests by presenting the models on stage all at once, all clutching an open black umbrella. Practical magic was the theme of the collection and we saw a lot of pieces using black lace. But if lace is usually associated with something feminine, Vahada’s collection had a mysterious and sinister feel to it.

Resida & Vahada

Astrid was next to showcase her collection inspired by the underwater world, which she translated through the use of fabric with marine-life prints. After that, we feasted our eyes with Cotton Ink’s latest collection. They definitely stayed true to the brand’s signature style – laid-back, wearable, comfortable pieces that you can see yourself wearing day in and day out. But that’s not to say there weren’t many items to lust over. We think the jackets. maxi dresses with drape front detail and jumpsuit with wide-legged pants are going to sell out fast in their webstore when it launches.


Cotton Ink

STAB (Stare A Bit) got their chance to show what the brand is all about. The chosen music, the way the models were styled (bringing some kids toys wearing knee-high socks) showed their playful identity and lightened up the whole mood. Especially when a male model showed up in a pink jumpsuit :D Moving on from the lollipop and toys, Noonio brought us to the Sahara with their collection which was inspired by the desert. It was a classic safari look with added modern twist with breezy white tops matched with skirts or bottoms in neutral hues. It was really refreshing to see a designer that doesn’t try too hard or too much but still able to create beautiful, wearable pieces.

STAB & Noonio

Last, but certainly not the least, Twentyforteen models showed up wearing chic, Retro-inspired swimsuits covered by a see-through plastic cover-up (which didn’t really do much covering to be completely honest :D). We raved about Anggi’s product here and knowing there aren’t many local designers playing in the swimwear pool (pun intended), looks like Twentyforteen could go strong as the pioneer. I just hope Anggi will keep surprising us with those quirky yet delightful details on her swimsuits which made them so unique.