JFW 10/11 Day 4: APPMI Dressing the Nation in Modesty

Show by APPMI members dominated the first half of the day yesterday. It was divided into 3 slots where the first one showcased a muslim attire.

This slot was really an eye opener for me. Dressing in muslim attire doesn’t always mean that you have to wear baggy everything and boring. It can look ever so pretty too :)

There are details on the collections showed on yesterday’s show that derived from the latest trend. I see a lot of layering on the material worn, fluidity and accessorizing. Chiffon was heavily used in many of the designers’ collection as it doesn’t create a bulky structure when you try to layer it with other materials.

There are 7 designers altogether in this slot, they are Irna Mutiara, Yuyuk Nurmaisyah, Najua Yanti, Nuniek Mawardi, Hannie Hananto, Savitri and the young talented designer Dian Pelangi which seemed to be everyone’s favourite.

My top three pick are firstly Nuniek Mawardi for it’s fine detailing and depiction of the theme she chose which is ‘Aerial Treasure’. It showed clearly the identity of the various hills tribe on different part of the world.

Haniie Hananto’s collection which derived inspiration from the blue china porcelain easily became my favourite. The pattern is really to die for!

Lastly is the favourite of everyone in the room, Dian Pelangi. She said that Batik seemed to be overshadowed by tenun lately. Although she combined her collection with tenun, batik still dominated the collection. It revolved around the boudouin era translated through the mismatch mix in fabrics and heavy volume. But I love how she balanced between volume and fitted.