JFW 10/11 Day 3: A Touch of Silk by By Dee Ong

It is hardly impossible for a silk batik tulis to be ugly. The textile itself is already love-worthy on it’s own. It is made with high craftsmanship and it involves such an intricate process.

At the hand of Dee Ong, through her label Batik 118, these silk batik are turned into powerful evening dresses which are dominated with maxi length. Silk batik will always donate a glamorous feel to it, so maxi length is really an excellent choice. The Power of Indonesian Batik previewed 33 gowns by Batik 118 which was divided into four different sequels. Although the collection was dominated by Javanese batik, but the overall finish was inspired by textile all over Indonesia which was shown on the separation of sequels. It was inspired by motif and style from namely the islands of Sumatra and Riau, the second sequel was inspired by Jawa, Bali and Nusa Tenggara, the third sequel that was dominated by the birds and flower patterns were inspired by Kalimantan, whereas the last sequel took inspiration from Papua and Maluku.

Most of the gowns rely on everlasting style like most of our traditional textile are, you can wear these dresses now and even 10 years from now and it will still look not a day old :)

Dee Ong will soon open her workshop where you can visit it and request to purchase or order one of her gown at Alam Segar 7 in Pondok Indah (I’m really sorry I seem to forget the exact number of the house). The dresses that were previewed yesterday were priced at Rp 8-11 million.

Here are some more pictures from the collection if you haven’t seen in on our Twitter.