JFW 10/11 Day 2: A Parade of Fresh Creations

Level One located at Grand Indonesia house twenty something talented, young and uprising new designers. What they all have in common is their creative vision in fashion and that they are all made in Indonesia. I can’t help but feeling real proud last night at the Level One fashion show that showcased these designers collection because in that catwalk last night, it is vividly portray that the fashion industry future for Indonesia is looking very bright at the hands of these young designers. I would like to give them standing applause for showcasing such a magnificent collection on the runway that night! Hopefully, these labels will continuously grow into stronger and bigger ones. Other similarity that these label have is that they all create  ready to wear collections where each of them has something new and fresh to be presented to you all. Before I carry on with this post, I must warn you that this post is going to be a photo heavy one! Don’t want to leave anyone behind.

The show opened and closed in a brilliant and fun way by Amink, he wore Kle’s design from the Aftermath collection as he walk on the runway for the first time and closed the second night of the JFW 10/11 with Danjyo and Hiyoji attire. That night apparently was also Amink’s birthday, he got a big birthday congratulatory that night from everyone at the fashion tent.

The first show from Level 1 was Ichwan Thoha and the collection was inspired by the Grand Slam with visor and headband adorning the model’s head. The clean cut and nonchalance feel of this collection really captivated me. The collection was dominated by pastel colours and have that preppy embodiment in it and the dresses slung low on the hips just like those that Sarapova would wear to win the Grand Slam trophy at Roland Garros :)

Saint and Sinner and Ciel, which share a shop at the Level 1 showed a collection dominated by dresses. Where Saint and Sinner collection was dominated by black and white with sinfully sexy cut, Ciel on the other hand showed a more feminine collection.

Saint and Sinner


On the models of Deer’s show, you can see a tree branch adorning their heads which made me immediately realized whose collection it is. The collection showed a lot of earth tone with draped dominating the dresses and most of the pieces had a flowy finish to them (even the pants looked so fluid!). I’m loving the touch of exaggerated sleeve on some of the pieces from them.

There were also various accessories previewed at the fashion show, but we’re most proud when suddenly the graphic at the backdrop of the runway displayed Ayang of Cocomomo picture! The model was toting a clutch that matched her necklace, which I’m sure many of you will ask Ayang right away about its availability, LOL! But anyway, congratulation to Ayang and here is a special present for you, the photo of your creation on stage of the fashion week.

I thought I’ve seen too many good things by the end of the accessories preview. But Geulis and Hunting Field, who were the finalists for last year’s Cleo Fashion Award, really showed the progress of their collection. Geulis collection were dominated by muted colours and had a season transition look to it with lots of outerwear included within the collection. But somehow there’s also a touch of vintage to it with an inclusion of cape and high waisted cut pants and skirts. They still use traditional textile in their collection because after all it’s their signature. Whereas Hunting Field collection, unlike last year collection shown at JFW that was dominated with dark and strong character, was all about drapery and asymmetric cut that was reflected on a pastel-coloured pieces.


Hunting Field

For me personally, Monday to Sunday collection didn’t really give me something new as I’ve seen many of the same touch on their previous collection. But that is not to say that their collection wasn’t good! But I wouldn’t mind seeing something totally different from them.