JFW 10/11: Jakarta’s Very Own Fashion Week Opened on Saturday

On Saturday, 6 November 2010 Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011 officially opened. The opening of the JFW 2010/2011 was done by Jakarta’s Governor Dr. Ing. Fauzi Bowo and with an exclusive preview of kebaya designed by 16 famous designers of Indonesia at a fashion show titled ‘A Tribute to Kebaya’ which we’ll tell more on the next article. There was also a spectacular dance performance by Wirastuti Susilaningtyas and Dwi Nurul Hidayah that perforomed a contemporary Javanese dance.

Over a period of a week, fashion enthusiasts in Jakarta would be indulged by collections from 159 designers that will showcase their latest designs spanning over 44 fashion shows. There are 3 runway set at the Pacific Place Mall, namely Fashion Tent, Fashion Promenade and Fashion Bay. While the shows at Fashion Tent and Fashion Promenade (located at the 1st floor) are by invitation only, you can view the fashion show at the Fashion Bay located at the 4th floor for free.

Styling Modernity, the theme chosen as this year’s JFW is hoped to facilitate a dialogue between our nation’s fashion heritage, both traditional textile heritage and modern creation. It is also expected that it can create a dialogue between the fashion enthusiasts, customers and the designers.

If last year there was a special show at the opening of the JFW which feature a collaboration between Indonesia’s and India’s designers, then this year there’s going to be more special show. Other than A Tribute of Kebaya at the opening night, there will also be a special show Ghea 30 Years Dedicated to Fashion and a collaboration between Oscar Lawalata with English textile designer Laura Miles with a fashion show titled Weaving the Future.

JFW will not only show well known designers’ collection but also those of the upcoming and talented young Indonesian designers’ collection. Also, to show their support toward these young designers through CLEO Fashion Awards 2010 that will award talented young designers to recognize their achievements. This year instead of the Lomba Perancang Mode (LPM) there will be Lomba Perancang Aksesoris (LPA). This competition is hoped to provide a venue for incubating creativity for these designers to grow their talent and to connect them with the media, stakeholders, people within the industry so that they can gain more exposure locally and globally. For the first time in JFW history, they will also showcase LPM Alumni designs during this week.

It is expected that this year’s JFW will have more visitors than last year, which is 22,000 visitors and this year visitors are expected to hit the number of 25,000. There are also competitions to be held during the JFW such as Blogging and Fashion Photography competition.

The Femina Group also take into consideration the current situation of Indonesia. At times of calamity, this year’s JFW also hope to gain some donation from the visitors of JFW through Be Fashionable and Caring program. Through this program you can donate various amount of money (from around Rp 25,000 to Rp 150,000) per fashion show where in this show you will get a VIP treatment where you will get a VIP seating too. Cool huh? Not to mention, several designers who participate in JFW also donate one of their collections that will be given to one lucky person that have donated their money on this program. For more information regarding this program, you can directly ask the officials at the venue. This shows that fashion is not just about style and glamour but it’s also about humanity and care to one another.

For more information on the JFW 2010/2011 you can check their website or follow their Twitter for timely update. If you want to tweet during the event, the official hashtag is #jfw11. Since we’re the official media partner for this year JFW,we will also give you daily update on our blog on the latest news from the runway of JFW. Don’t forget to keep checking our Twitter to get real time update. If you want to attend the fashion show, there may still some tickets available on their website or follow us on Twitter we’re going to surprise you with access to the Fashion Week.