NARS Added New Address in Asia

NARS seemed to be having the time of their life with continuous growth. They will open their first flagship boutique in Manhattan’s West Village in Spring 2011, imagine a dedicated store full of NARS goody, I’m sure every FDers is dreaming of the moment that they can step into that store. It seemed that every other day, there’s always someone that is interested in one of the NARS’ blush and made their way into the NARS thread.

NARS West Village Flagship Boutique

Another good news is that NARS has just launched their store in South Korea. One of the most asked question at the thread is as to where our members can get their hands on NARS products? Sadly Indonesia do not have any store that carries NARS products, previously they have a store in Singapore but it was closed down so the only way to get your hand on NARS is by flying to Bangkok. But perhaps next holiday, you want to visit South Korea and include visiting the NARS store as one of the item in your itinerary?

Galleria West Department Store in Seoul’s Apgujeong district is the address for NARS in South Korea. The counter was set at 400 square-foot space with black and white hand brushed walls which set against pure white stone flooring that depicts NARS’ black sleek rubber case pretty well.

Although South Korea was not their first stop in Asia, to date they already have 41 doors selling NARS products in this region which started in Hong Kong back in 2002. There’s a talk at NARS to increase number of doors in 2011, which of course we will loudly wish that one of them is somewhere in this city. Louis Desazars, Chief Executive Officer of NARS said that Asia is one of NARS Cosmetics’ fastest-growing markets – as evidently shown on our Market Plaza.