Edbe, Freedom Comes from Style

Sometimes when it comes to style, despite the seasonal trend, we do still need to express our individuality. Freedom comes when you can see trend and style and dress accordingly beyond them and apply it to your personal style.

The terms freedom seems to be fitting for Edbe, which is a second line of Eddy Betty. The creation of Edbe is like a dream come true for Eddy Betty, because like every other designer, a diversification of products is seen to be a good step to reach a wider audience so that their design can be used by wider consumers.

Eddy Betty which is known for his couture touch, through this line wants to express freedom through the freedom of design, patterns, style, mix and match and materials. The rules are broken in every way you see in the Edbe collection. This collection depicted unique Japanese style which are known through their loose fit, asymmetric cut with unique pattern which follows no specific rule and unpredictable in style. Eddy Betty explained that when you dress following the Japanese style trend, it seemed so easy to catch everyone’s attention because their uniqueness make an immediate statement.

Through a fashion show at Hotel Mulia, 14 October 2010, Eddy Betty not only previewed the latest collection of Edbe but also formally announced the launched of his website www.edbeedbe.com.

If you see the pieces in this collection, you see that there’s a lot of volume, drapery and layering done. Each piece can be worn separately or layered together. You can wear it season after season, without limiting yourself to the current trend. Although you can sense an edgy touch to the collection, but the loose fit and volume creates a casual aura without being overly done that sometime you can’t take it outside your bedroom :)

The materials used in this collection are dominated with cotton, rayon, denim and chambray which most of them are light so it’s very comfortable to be used on our tropical weather. The layering technique are also the answer to the weather that seemed to can’t make up their mind. You can go out in the morning with a blazing hot sun ready to fry you and going home with the thunderstorm hitting your ears. The clashing patterns are done elegantly with special note on the traditional take of the patterns.  For the 2010-2011 collection, the motif were inspired by none other than batik that is especially designed for this collection. Eddy Betty mentioned that for next season there will be more variety of Asian textile motif to be used.

Edbe can be found at the following address:

Jl. Taman Radio Dalam II No. 6
Phone: 021 – 7261648 / 021 – 7229358
Fax : 021 – 7261648
Email : edbe_edbe@yahoo.com

Here are some photos of the beautiful pattern clashing of batik done by Edbe.

*Photos are courtesy of Arselan Ganin