City of Light to Keeps your Beauty at Bay

Sampar City of Light range is the perfect solution for those of you who are so busy with your daily activity you can barely wash your face at night. The sun, hormone changes, urban pollution accumulates the daily stress that our skin has to face. But Sampar with its natural ingredients tries to give our skin clarity back through evening our skin tone and bringing the brightness back to the complexion.

The City of Light range consists of:

  • White velvet mousse which will remove excess traces of makeup and particles of pollution from your face. Created from the combination of spring of rose, lime blossom water and mint extract that will rejuvenate your skin and make your face feels fresh after a tiring day. This cleanser promises to reduce the appearance of dark spots and brightens your complexion. Use it on the morning before you start with your activities and at night when you’re finish with them to cleanse your face, eyes and neck. This cleanser price is Rp 370,000.
  • The Serum Luminescent which can be used after White Velvet Mousse and Skin Quenching Mist will helps to regulate your melanin production, clarifies pigmentation spots and helps to prevent their reappearance. It has ingredients such as citrus bioflavonoids, chamomile and shea properties to gives our face radiance back. Priced at Rp 590,000 and can be used on morning and night.
  • The bell of the ball of this line is the Spot Lighter, because what else can help you to cover the aftermath of a heavy duty night than a magic lightening cream? This pen can be placed on dark spot and it dispenses a lightening cream that contains highly concentrated mixture of citrus, chamomile and specific enzymes. The dark spot can lighten over time through the use of this product. Apply small amount of Spot Lighter on the dark spots on your face, decolette and hands and massage it on the targeted area. The price tag for this product is Rp 410,000.

Sampar full range of face and body products can be found at Senses counter at:

Grand Indonesia
East Mall
2nd Floor Skybridge
Unit B2-01/02