Cosmobeaute, The Largest Beauty Expo in Indonesia

Do you want to know the latest product and technology in beauty? Next time you should attend Cosmobeaute exhibition. Cosmobeaute, was held onĀ  Oct. 28 – 30 at 6:00 pm at Balai Sidang, Jakarta Convention Center and this year is their 5th year. Mirroring the successful traits of its sister-shows in Malaysia and Vietnam, and they all delivered great results for both its exhibitors and visitors.

Beauty and skincare product manufacturers, retailers, spa owners/ professionals, dermatologists, hair and salon equipments and many more were offered by various countries. China, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Australia, India, Korea, Netherlands, Switzerland and of course Indonesia took part as exhibitors. The overall atmosphere among participants was definitely buoyant as they made in-roads for their products into Indonesia.

Many exhibitors offered their service on the spot. It means that people can have facial treatment, waxing, tattoo removing and so on during the exhibition. Not only that, seminars, workshop and competitions were also arranged in the area of Cosmobeaute.

As examples, here are some of the free seminars on the last day of Cosmobeaute, Saturday, Oct. 30:

– “Successful Slimming and Body Shaping with Lipoplasty RF and Ultrasound Cavitation” seminar by Dr. Yuanita and Estetika Pro International

– “Yellow Laser for Whitening and Melasma” seminar by Dr. Hans and HERCA, Korea

– “Kenz Ooi Airbrush Makeup” seminar by Cinema Makeup Marketing Sdn Bhd

– “Scar and Wrinkle Treatment with AMTS, PRP and light teraphy” by Dr. Daicy and Medical Cosmetic