A Make-up Junkie’s Playground on Wahid Hasyim

Previously I mentioned the wonderful brush cleanser that I bought from the Puspita Martha stand at the Beautifying Indonesia Conference, and that it’s only available for purchase from the Martha Tilaar headquarters at Wahid Hasyim. Well, a visit there may well be worth your while since you will find there a complete host of Martha Tilaar products, including non-make-up-related products.

Puspita Martha (PM) Professionnel

PM Shading Powder

People were lining up to buy the shading powder, pictured above, that I was curious. I asked a couple people why they don’t just buy PAC products, and they said the PM shading powders are even better than PACs. That piqued my curiosity even more, but unfortunately there were no product testers to try. So I bought the lightest of the 4 shades available.They were only offered in refill format if you’re buying just one; you can combine three shades into a palette (the refills come with a tape at the base on the pans) that is sold empty.

Shade 26, the one I bought, is slightly too light for me to be really effective for shading purposes. I can still get subtle shading effects for day use though, or for lightly bronzing the cheeks. Unfortunately it’s not light enough for me to use a all-over powder since it’s too pinkish-beige. The powder is relatively finely milled, and don’t settle into pores.  At Rp37,500, it’s worth a try.

Left picture: PM staff showing body paints in stacked jars; righ: brush set

Another PM product I was interested in was the set of travel-sized brushes made of non-synthetic hairs. It was quite pricey at Rp400,000 and no discount was given during the event. The brushes seem to be of very good quality though, the hairs very, very soft, and the size of the brushes just right for travel and also for home use. So if you don’t already have a set, this brush set might be a good investment for both home and travel use. It includes a powder brush, blush brush,  a slew of eye and brow brushes (and a lip brush too, I think) in a pouch.

Prama Gallery

Prama Pratiwi Martha Gallery is something else you’ll find at the MarthaTilaar offices at Wahid Hasyim. Prama products are handicrafts made by communities in Yogjakarta, and are mainly directed at the export market. The product designs are relatively standard, but well executed, with no loose threads or zig-zag sewing that you sometimes observe in products made by home industries.

Various Prama bags and clutches

I bought a clutch that combines batik and what I think is woven Pandanus (sadly, while friendly, the person manning the stand didn’t have enough technical knowledge abut the products). It fits my 10 inch netbook perfectly, and there is a some padding in the lining, including a tidy row of pockets for pens, etc. During the conference, it was 20% off from it’s price of Rp180,000.

So, have I whetted your appetite enough? Let us know if you do go and visit Wahid Hasyim! The address, btw, is: Martha Tilaar Group (salon, day spa, store, beauty school, gallery),  Jl. Wahid Hasyim No. 19-21, Jakarta Pusat.

My Prama over-sized clutch with a 10-inch netbook inside