Our Soon-To-Be New Home

Yes, that’s right. We will soon leave our small but cozy fuchsia office at Jl. Bangka Raya and move to a bigger and better one!

This is quite a leap for us actually because, even though we’re excited to have a work space that’s triple the current one, but the rental cost is also tripled :D But business is good and we love challenges here at Female Daily Network so we will be moving with nothing but high hopes and optimism!

The office is currently being renovated, as you can see in this picture, and we visit the building almost daily to see the exciting progress. Thinking about moving every single thing we own from one office to another is already giving knots in my stomach and honestly, we’re really really excited! Wait for the official announcement soon! :)

  • Top from The Simple Stuff
  • Giordano khaki skirt
  • Giordano oversize cardigan
  • Zoe Wittner wedges
  • Zara bag

More photos of the work-in-progress: