Miss Universe Received Special Treatments

Have you ever wondered what Miss Universe do in visiting other country? This might give you a little clue.

Thursday morning, Oct. 7, Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete and her team landed in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Then they went to Ritz-Carlton Hotel, met Tourism and Culture Minister Jero Wacik, went to the hotel again and headed to Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa. What a busy schedule!

When I saw them arrived at Taman Sari, Puteri Indonesia 2009 Qory Sandioriva was also there. It isn’t surprising since Ximena’s trip at this country is in conjunction with Grand Final Puteri Indonesia 2010. So it was the last day when Qory still wearing her tiara.

Being ask to give her speech, Ximena uttered briefly that she couldn’t wait to get her treatment from Taman Sari. It seemed like Taman Sari’s atmosphere, company profile and gamelan music successfully convinced her :D

As a demonstration, Ximena got her first treatment,  foot spa and hand scrub from Taman Sari therapist for 10 minutes. “I think 10 minutes is not enough, I want the treatment again,” Ximena said. In fact, she didn’t need to worry because she was going to have Royal  Healing treatment right after the press conference closed.

Royal Javanese Healing is a package of treatment that includes 20 minutes of body scrubbing, an hour of massage, 30 minutes body mask, and shower. Herlina Rugeng who is the therapist for Ximena also told that she is also focusing the massage on Ximena’s feet and heels to make it relax after hours of wearing high heels.

Looking at the picture below, it seemed like Ximena really did enjoy the foot massage. Well, who doesn’t right?