A Touch of Exotic Skins, Yay or Nay?

With the colours of the collection for Spring 2011 forecasted to be exotic, it’s not much of a surprise if we see a lot of exotic skin in the accessories department during the Fashion Week.

From New York to Milan and Paris. You see a glimpse of exotic skins in the runway. There’s a lot of variant when it comes to exotic skins, but it still scream luxurious whatever type of skin you choose. If you want to know more about exotic skins, Hanzky wrote an article a long time ago about this. So it’s not exactly something new, but you see it every now and again.

So what do you think about exotic skins? Is it something that you want to invest in, or it’s too creepy to tot around dead reptile everywhere? Don’t worry there’s plenty of style for everyone. From bold to subtle, nude to colourful.

Or if you’re not too keen on having the real deal, what about a touch of reptile in your bag or accessories :) It may not be the real deal, but you’re not entirely left out.