Pre Wedding Photoshoot Makeup by Chenny Han

One of the workshop that I attended at the Beautifying Indonesia Conference was the pre wedding photoshoot makeup by Chenny Han. Usually makeup done for the pre wedding photoshoot is done more carefully because the result of the photoshoot will be used in a lot of items related to the wedding celebration, for instance invitation, souvenir and printed to be exhibited on the night of reception. Most of these photos will be blown up to a larger size and most likely the photo are taken close up and personal.

The makeup need to look different but not overly done as it need to show the character of the bride. However it needs to be flawless so that when the photographer take a close up photo, there will be no visible cracking on the face.

Chenny Han owns a well-known bridal called Chenny Han Bridal & Fashion built in 1992. Before starting her own bridal Chenny lived in Los Angeles where she enriched her knowledge as a makeup artist. She has over than 20 years worth of experience in doing makeup and hair do and it all started from the hair and beauty course by Martha Tilaar.

At this session Chenny introduced the art of airbrush makeup, which is not a foreign concept anymore for us, of course ;)  Chenny said that prior to the workshop session she already prepped her model with the necessary skincare. She continued to explain that it’s important to find the correct shade of foundation, that is why since she couldn’t find the perfect match of foundation for the model on stage from the Caring Colours Stay True Foundation line, so she mixed two shade of this foundation to find the perfect match.

She only used couple of drop of Caring Colours foundation into the airbrush container and spray it to the model’s face one area at a time. She spray it around 20-30cm from the model’s face so that the first result is light and she mentioned that the coverage can be built layer by layer. It needs around more than three spraying round to achieve the coverage that she wants, which leans toward full coverage.

With airbrush foundation, not only that you will get a flawless result but it also saves a lot of time. Chenny only spent like 10 minutes on the model’s face, of course she waited until the foundation dried up on the face first before she carried on with another layer. The foundation also goes right into the pores therefore it will cover large pores and imperfections easily. You can easily apply it layer by layer to achieve the coverage you want. Also, it’s hygienic! You don’t need to touch the model’s face when you’re doing her face, of course with foundation brush the case is the same but with this tool you don’t need to clean your brush everytime.

Chenny then continued with the model’s eyes using Caring Colour Luxurious Perfecting Eyeshadow in Pink Wave to create soft pink hue on the eyes. Since it’s a pre wedding photoshoot, the eye makeup is not too much but enough to show a difference that it will show how special this photo is. She then finished the look by applying a blush to the cheek to give that healthy glow to the brides-to-be.

It doesn’t sound too complicated, right? So if you’re planning to have a photoshoot for your pre wedding pictures, you can do the makeup by yourself using the above tips from Chenny Han and also by joining and discussing anything about makeup products and techniques in our forum.

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