Do You Want to be Part of Jakarta Fashion Week?

If you’re dreaming of all-access pass to go and cover the upcoming Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011 and you own a blog, then you’re reading the right post.

Femina Group offers blogger out there to be part of the JFW 10/11 festivity through the blog writing competition called: Lomba Menulis Blog, “Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011: Menuju Jakarta, Kota Mode Dunia”.

The competition is divided into two phase – the selection phase and the final phase. Where during the selection phase you can submit your article that go along the line with the competition theme. The deadline to submit your entry is 22 October 2010, there’s also other detail that you need to facilitate and other competition rules that you need to comply to in order to submit your entry. For more information regarding this competition you can read it here.

12 finalists from the submission will be chosen that can carry on to the final step. Those finalists will get an all-access pass to JFW 2010/2011, so that they can cover the fashion week like a true fashion reporter.

During the final step, the finalists will be asked to cover and write the fashion shows during that week on their blog. The best coverage and writing during this week will be marked and selected by the judges. The final three winners will get a chance to win millions of rupiah worth of price.

What are you waiting for! Start writing now and show your passion for fashion!

The Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011 will be held from 6-12 November 2011.