Why Only White?

Yes, why only white when you can experience life in many colors?

I arrived to the office a few days ago to find a big beautiful white box. It has no logo and writing besides 3 words: W.O.W

I opened the box and that truly was the word that came out of my mouth to see the content: Wow! It was like opening a simple looking gate to find very pretty and colorful flower garden inside. Take a look!

As it turned out, this box is a press package for a new Kotex product called Kotex Luxe Design. This is a out-of-the-box idea because hey, if we have colorful outfits, accessories, bags, shoes, makeup even gadgets, why not have a colorful sanitary pads? :D

The new Kotex Luxe Design comes in 6 different colors and patterns which you can choose to match with your personality. If you visit their website, there’s actually a quiz you can take to find out which design suits you the most. I took the test (yes, it was a slow day at the office) and here is the result:

Another new product which is launched together is Kotex Luxe Fusion, which uses a fusion technology; a combination of dry net layer in the middle part for maximum absorption and non-woven fabric which will give you comfort when wearing it. This pad also contains micro max core which will make sure that the pad stays dry and comfortable on the surface. Kotex Luxe Fusion also comes in cute design which will put a smile on your face everytime you open the packaging.

Kotex Luxe is available on major supermarkets and hypermarkets starting this month and retails for approximately Rp. 9.000

For more info please visit their website and Facebook page.