Danjyo Hiyoji Opens Its First Flagship Store

“The Danjyo Hiyoji trio: (from left to right) Dana Maulana, Syarifah Liza Mashita and Rama Dauhan.”

When you first read the title you might think, “But Wait! Danjyo Hiyoji’s flagship store at Level 1 has been opened few months ago, rite?”

Some people might respond so by the time they read the title. Well, Danjyo Hiyoji truly had the grand opening recently, on Oct. 13 at Level One Project, East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town.

It was the part of Danjyo Hiyoji’s growth strategy for Jakarta area. The positive response and sales consistency had been received since the collection was placed in cooperation with some local and overseas stores. Now Danjyo Hiyoji collection is available at Level One, Happy Go Lucky Bandung, Harvey Nichols Jakarta, Blackmarket Singapore. Leftfoot Singapore and Bali are the next target for the end of 2010.

As a brief background about Danjyo Hiyoji, it was launched in 2001 as an independent local label by Dana Maulana and Syarifah Liza Mashita in Jl. Cililin Raya. With primarily women’s wear label, in 2009 it merged with  Rama Adrianus Dauhan’s Diyoji man’s wear label and that’s how Danjyo Hiyoji evolved.

Danjyo Hiyoji stated “the original concept for us was to create exciting fashion item through domestic productions which would replicate global trend rapidly. Customers could get their hands  on the latest items for a reasonable price.”

At that grand opening, Danjyo Hiyoji latest collection “The Escape” was introduced through a visual presentation. If only it was displayed in a fashion show, then I would be able to capture and provide it here. But thankfully special models worn some of the collection. I called it special as most of them aren’t professional models but  actors and actresses such as Jessica Iskandar, Olivia Jensen and Ikhsan Himawan.

Nia Dinata visited in Danjyo Hiyoji store too. She was spotted purchasing Danjyo Hiyoji items. In fact, Nia Dinata wasn’t the only enthusiast visitors. In less than an hour observing the store, I witnessed the items were sold fast and left several parts in the display empty.

So congratulation for Danjyo Hiyoji grand opening, may your success keep Indonesian fashion moving forward! :)