Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush

After my first foray into the BB cream world, I started to experiment with the best way to apply the product onto my face. First I used my hands, because I was in a hurry and my brush wasn’t with me at that time. The result was okay, though I would like it to blend more smoothly and I hated having my fingers dirty afterward.

The second time around, I used my MAC #190 foundation brush. Because the texture of the BB Cream was rather thick, blending with this brush proved to be a little hard and time-consuming. Yes, I used the “little stroke” movements, as suggested by makeup artists, but after a while I got a little impatient and ended up finishing the job with MAC #187 duo fibre brush.

The third time I used BB Cream, I used #187 brush from start to finish. The result, as always the case with this brush, is flawless. But if you want more coverage, this might not be a good brush for you because skunk brush tends to “thin out” foundations (due to its sparse hair) However, today I also found a brush that’s also perfect for BB cream.

Yes, Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush! If you’re a long time member of our forum, I’m sure you’re familiar with this brush. But I never really paid attention to it until I tried putting on BB Cream on Hanzky’s face using this brush, which belongs to Amal. I love how fast I can apply the product onto the face with it and the result is beautiful too! I think this brush has the right amount and density of hair. Not too dense that the cream becomes hard to blend, but not too sparse either so it can pick up just the amount of product I need. It also gives a more opaque finish compared to MAC #187. I love that the hair is so soft on the skin and that the handle is made with renewable bamboo. In case you’re wondering, yes, even though this brush is intended for powder products, it can also be used for cream products because it’s got synthetic hair.

I think I just convinced myself. I’m going to get one. If you want one too, you can head to -Brooklyn-‘s lapak on our forum or go to www.indomakeup.com where they sell it for Rp. 130.000 (plus shipping).

Happy blending! ;)