Continuing the BB Craze with Caring Colours BB Cream

So the buzz about BB cream in Female Daily forum has been going strong for a few years and it’s still buzzing till now. Our beauty editor, Dunia_Dandan has reviewed so many BB cream to save you time to actually read the discussion on the BB Cream thread in the forum one by one. That thread has reached 812 pages you know!

Anyway, lately the BB Cream buzz has gone mainstream. I’ve gotten questions from non-beauty maniacs asking about BB cream because the rave and rage about this rather “mysterious” product has finally reached their ears. Their questions usually range from “What is it?” to “Where do I find one?”

But even after all that frenzy, it still escaped my interest. Maybe because I already have a few “arsenals” when it comes to complexion products. I have a set of primers, foundations, tinted moisturizers, concealers and powders which I can use on its own or in combination with one and another, depending my needs. So I thought I didn’t need any BB cream.

Until a package from Caring Colors arrived at the office and it contained their newest product: Caring Blemless* Balm Cream. And then just like that, in a matter of minutes, the wall broke down and I got sucked right into the BB cream hype :D

There are 3 variants of these BB creams. Everlast, Luminizing and Fair White, each formulated for different needs. Caring BB Creams contain mineral tourmaline which can create active micro circulation, reviving skin’s natural radiance and making skin looks healthier.

BB Cream Luminizing

As the name suggested, this product promises smoother looking skin and radiance. Caring BB Cream Luminizing contains saccharomices and pearl extract that were added to the formula to make skin looks more luminous. The texture is smooth and quite easy to blend. But when I put it on my face, the shade looks way too light for me. Amal quickly reminded me that this is usually the case for BB cream and that I should wait for a while until the cream “blends” into my skin. And she was right! About 15 minutes afterward, it doesn’t look too light on my skin anymore. It gives a light to medium coverage and I could definitely see the “luminosity” that they promised, my guess is that it’s due to the pearl particle. It feels silky on my skin but after a few hours, my face started to look oily and I had to blot it with a paper. I think this will suit people with dry skin more.


BB Cream Everlast

Now if you have normal to oily skin, this would be the perfect BB Cream for you. Apart from the Mineral Tourmaline, Everlast contains Cinnamomum extract, which Caring claims to be able to absorb excess oil from your skin. The formula is thicker than the Luminizing one and it feels a bit gritty, like there are tiny granules in it (maybe the pigment?) It’s also a bit harder to blend compared to Luminizing. Your face needs to be really well-moisturized for this product otherwise, you’ll end up with patchy-looking skin. The coverage is medium to full and the staying power of this product is amazing! The first time I tried it, I was so busy I didn’t have a chance to check my face in the mirror for the whole day. But when I went home at around 10 PM, I accidentally glanced at the my reflection and was stunned. My face looks fresh and bright! Now I know why people are crazy about BB cream. When you find the product that’s right for you, it’s really quite hard not get hooked. Several people have made some comments about how radiant my skin looks when I was wearing it. But just like BB Cream Luminizing, the product took a while to sink into my skin and blends with my skin tone.


BB Cream Fair White

On the website, it said that BB Cream Fair White contains SPF 25 but when I checked out the information on the back of the other variants, they all contain SPF 25 which is great! But what makes Fair White different compared to the other 2 then? I am not sure. But when I put it on, I noticed that this product looks the lightest on my skin and has the most greyish tinge after application. It gradually became darker, just like the other 2, and the greyish tinge disappeared, but somehow it still looks too light on my skin. So maybe this is intended for people who are very very fair? The coverage is medium to full and it’s quite long lasting too. But of all the BB Creams I’ve tried, this is my least favorite because of the shade.

Please note that on all pictures above, I didn’t wear any concealer and very little loose powder to finish it off. So you can see that the coverage of these creams are pretty great and can cover our blemishes well. Overall, I really like these products, especially Everlast which I feel suited my skin condition the most. My only problems is all three products have a slight scent which kinda reminds of hair perming product. It’s not too strong and can be ignored once you’ve had them on your skin but you can definitely smell it when you first apply it. The other complain is the shade. If I’m not mistaken, there’s only one shade of each variant (though it is not indicated in the product nor in the website). Two variants are more or less my shade  (I’m NC 20-30) but Fair White is definitely for fairer-skinned girls. What about those with skin darker than me? I think these won’t look right on them at all. So please do consider making these great products in other shades too, Caring! You’ll win the hearts of so many gorgeous Indonesian women with tan skin :)

Anyway, Caring BB Cream is now available in Puri Ayu and Martha Tilaar shop. They offer a package where you can buy Caring Colors Two-way Cake and Lipstick and get this BB Cream for free! The price of the package is Rp. 55.000 for Fair White, Rp. 69.000 for Everlast, and Rp. 83.000 for Luminizing.

So I’m going to call all BB Cream addicts out there. Have you tried these products? What do you think?

*Blemless = Blemish less