Makeup Tricks for Pretty Brides in Hijab

All brides should be beautiful in their own way, regardless the way they dress or the way they celebrate their weddings. I know it ain’t easy and quite tricky sometimes. Moreover, there is a myth saying women who wear hijab get fewer choices for their appearance on their special days. Take it as a challenge! Here, M. Deddy shows us that the myth is …well..just a myth.

Muhammad Datuk Deddy Nurjadi Pasha or more familiarly known as M. Deddy is a reputable makeup artist for tens of years. He was available to share his knowledge and interesting tips during a session titled “Make-Up for Muslim Brides” in Beautifying Indonesia Conference – 4o years of Martha Tilaar last week. Martha Tilaar herself introduced him as her long-time and great partner in business.

Giving effort to look as special as possible might lead the makeup to be overdone.  So you have to put the right amount of make up on the right spot.

M. Deddy told he usually applied the makeup in this sequence: moisturizer, liquid foundation, stick foundation, shading, loose powder then compact powder. Afterwards, drawing eyebrows is essential to frame the face. After lining the eyebrows with eye-brow pencil, M. Deddy tidied up the brows with hairspray. A bit of hairspray is a trick M. Deddy used to keep the eyebrows look natural. See, every makeup artist will have a new trick that will be beneficial to you.

The next step is applying eye shadow. In the demonstration, M. Deddy used many eye shadow colors: combining crème, brown, and golden for the eyelids; light pink and yellow as the highlight; and a stroke of blue on the edges to make the eyes look livelier.  Don’t forget the mascara and false lashes. Deddy reminded the audiences that eye is the most important area to focus on.

The rest of the steps were not as complicated as the eye makeup. M. Deddy brushed brown blush on with a hint of orange. Then he lined the lips with bold pink and filled it with lipstick and a layer of lip gloss. Voila! The model, who is in fact is M. Deddy’s daughter had her beautiful makeup done.

Not only about the make-up, M. Deddy also demonstrated hijab-and-hair styling. I saw some interesting tricks M. Deddy showed. M. Deddy inserted a bunch of pandan leaves into the model’s hair and covered it with used socks. For the ciput (inner layer of hijab) M. Deddy impressed the audiences for his idea of wearing used stocking in nude color. The stocking was placed on the model’s head then it went through her neck.

For the hijab, M. Deddy chose gold as the color. As the decoration, he embed a tiara, a golden flower and many pieces of kembang goyang . It resulted the model seemed like wearing a huge golden headpiece. The total look of the model was perfect. Glam golden dress and headpiece went well with the makeup.

I guess after watching M. Deddy’s session, no one would say that Muslim bride can’t look gorgeous.

Makeup used during this presentation is from Mirabella cosmetic of Martha Tilaar.