Jakarta is Preparing for Fashion Week Schedule for Early November

New York, London and Milan have done it. Now it’s time for Jakarta to run its Fashion Week. Femina Group on Wednesday last week announced on a press conference that they’re ready to held yet another Fashion Week. This year, Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 10/11 will run from 6-12 November 2010. It’s going to be a busy week for us here at Fashionese Daily, but we’re waiting impatiently! Like last year, the JFW will be held at Pacific Place.

This year JFW carries the theme ‘Styling Modernity’ with the hope that even though the collections that will be showcased during this week will be diverse – from moslem outfit, ethnic to contemporary but it will all be packaged with a modern touch. In attendance at the press conference were Baslir Djamal (Chairman of JFW 10/11), Taruna Kusmayadi (APPMI President), Syamsidar Isa (IPMI President) and Petty S. Fatimah (Event Chairman of JFW 10/11).

According to Baslir Djamal, this theme was selected because JFW is actually intended as a mean to facilitate a connectivity between the diverse fashion richness of our archipelago, including the diversity of traditional textiles and modern creations.

Also in attendance at the press conference are the representative of the event sponsors. This year event is fully sponsored by Sunsilk, BNI and Pacific place and fully supported by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta.

During this press conference the fashion designers line up for the upcoming JFW was announced. If last year there were 108 designers participated during the event, this year Petty S. Fatimah from Femina Group explained that to date there are 113 designers, all will be showcasing their latest design. There are still chances that this number will be increasing. There will be 2 associations that will be participating in this fashion week, namely APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia) dan IPMI (Ikatan Perancang Mode Indonesia).

From APPMI there will be 30 designers that will be participating in this event – Lenny Agustin, Hartono Gan, Ian Adrian, Defrico Audy and Afif Syakur are some that will be participating from this association. Whereas from IPMI the designers line up are among other Era Soekamto, Kanaya Tabitha, Widhi Budimulia, Valentino Napitupulu and Stephanus Hamy. There will also going to be a fashion show from Cita Tenun Indonesia with the alumni of LPM (Lomba Perancang Mode), designers that are going to participate on this fashion show are  Andreas Odang, Billy Tjong, Chossy Latu, Carmanita, Itang Yunasz, Eny Ming and Denny Wirawan.

During this event Ghea Panggabean will also celebrate her 30th years in the industry which instill a lot of local culture touch into her design. Oscar Lawalata who won International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) Award in 2009 held by British Council will also held a special show during the event.

Taruna Kusmayadi said during the event that for APPMI, JFW is an important event where they can promote the latest designs of its member. In addition, JFW has international exposure which is held in a prominent mall in Jakarta, so you can feel that the fashion atmosphere is very thick here. This event can help the national labels to gain more exposure and stand side by side with international brands that are tenants in the Pacific Place.

Syamsidar Isa added that Indonesia is a very large market, that is why International brands are competing to come to Indonesia. JFW is a great opportunity for Indonesian brands to promote themselves to national and international scale.

The opening night of the JFW will be one of the event that people anticipated the most. It will be opened by ‘A Tribute to Kebaya’ where there will be more than 100 unique kebaya shown as an expression of fashion by Indonesian Women and a tribute to cultural heritage that can crosses age and maintain it’s relevancy in today’s modern era. Whereas Dewi Fashion Knight, usually one of the most talked about show during the JFW will showcase 5 Indonesian designers with Stella Rissa, Priyo Oktaviano and Ali Charisma to name a few.

One other event that will be of the interest of FDers is the Cleo Fashion Awards where they will not only announce the best retail brands chosen by Cleo magazine and its reader but also gives award to the best young talented Indonesia young designers. The nominees for this award was also announce on the event, they are Resida, Astrid, Vahada, Stare A Bit (STAB), Noonio, Twentyforteen and a special mention to FDers favourite Cotton Ink. Another award that will be held during the JFW is LPA (Lomba Perancang Aksesoris) and it’s going to be fun to see the newest talent in the accessories arena and where the trend will lead them.

The press was also given a glimpse to what we’re going to expect during the fashion week with a fashion show from Widhi Budimulia and LENNOR by Lenny Agustin.

For more information on JFW you can visit their website or facebook and follow their twitter account for timely update. Usually they will post the schedule for the fashion show on their website and you can also request for invitation through their website or contacts that are provided there.

And of course, keep checking FD for extensive coverage!