Building Up The Batik Collection

I don’t really like plain looking and solid color clothes, I always put at least one patterned item in my daily outfit. And I always love batik pattern, so I try to expand my collection every now and then. So the fact that there are a lot of cute and interesting batik in the market comes in handy.

I didn’t have a plan on the National Batik day last week, so I wore this outfit the day before. Thanks to this blog and forum for all the buzz about newest and cutest batik stuff, the hunting has been an exciting experience

The t-shirt I wore was from Roxy batik collection. It is always nice to hear international recognition towards our country and heritage :) Whereas the beautiful Batik Chic bag from

Of course, should you want to find more information or even share the experience wearing the bag,  you can always jump into the discussion about Batik Chic in this forum thread.

  • Roxy batik kawung T-shirt
  • Thrifted military blazer
  • Custom made jeans
  • Batik Chic bag