The Big Pony Collection from Ralph Lauren

There’s new fragrances collection in town for your men. It has been around for quite sometime now, but the four fragrances from Ralph Lauren called The Big Pony Collection offers something refreshingly young and brave. The four fragrances are housed in different bottle colours and have different numbers and the iconic big pony logo printed on it. The four fragrances from the collection are:

  1. RL #1 : Sporty Fragrance with citrus aromatic scent and house in a blue bottle with number 1 printed on it. This fragrance represent the challenges you face in sports and how to tackle it to become a winner. This fragrance is also instilled with lime and grapefruit to create the winning scent.
  2. RL #2 : The Seductive Fragrance house in a red bottle and dominate by the scent of oriental fougere. Combine with dark chocolate and musk to create a sexy and seductive scent to conquer the women of their dream.
  3. RL #3 : The Adventurous Fragrance, the fougure woody in this fragrance emit adventurous aura . Whereas the mint and ginger will stir your adrenaline rush and helps to prepare you to go through your next challenge.
  4. RL #4 : The Stylish Fragrance with a woody fruity scent that gives you an energy booster at the middle of your hectic day. The mandarinand kyarawood gives a stylish edge to represent individuality of each men.

So there’s one for every men out there that will suit their style.

The four fragrances gives a clear signal of where the scent headed from top to base notes. It’s a new and unique way to build a fragrance that is memorable with a clear and strong construction, whereas it gives a lively and young composition to the whole scents. These fragrances are available in 75 ml and 125 ml EDT and if you want to know more about these fragrances you can check their website directly.