Spring 2011 Color Forecasted To Be Exotic

Color trend prediction is essential in fashion. Somehow, keeping up-to-date with the color trend is less complicated than hunting for the latest fashion items. After knowing the “it” colors of the season, you can simply browse your closet to find the items you already have that match the color.

Actually, women color trend for Spring 2011 isn’t different with the colors we previously mentioned in “What Color Do You Think Suited Your Men The Most?”. Pantone, together with the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, predicted that exotic color is the key in Spring 2011. The release of the Pantone Fashion Color Report coincides with New York Fashion Week.

“The colors designers have chosen for the spring season present an interesting marriage of unexpected warm and cool tones. These unique color combination make it possible for consumers to pair existing pieces in colors traditionally associated with fall, with new favorites to punch up springtime wardrobes,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Honeysuckle or vibrant fuchsia is the first color mentioned on the color chart.  It is said to bring festive sense of playfulness. On the right image, honeysuckle is seen on Michael Kors collection at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2011.

Then Coral Rose, the reddish orange follows. Beeswax, a warm, honeyed yellow, conjures up feelings of faraway lands and locales. This color is kinda basic and easy to be paired with other vibrant tones. While Regatta, name for navy blue, is both cool and elegant to be added on your outfit. Lavender is the right choice if you want to wear something calming and romantic.

(from left to right) Coral Rose, Beeswax, Regatta, and Lavender.

Blue Curacao, turquoise that has more blue on its composition, resembles the blue seas of tropical destinations. I love almost all colors but this color has special impression for me. This tone looks great for Asian skin tone like mine. Anyway, Peapod or yellow-green blends well with the spring spirit since it represents the blooming plants.

Silver Peony (baby pink) is light and feminine and in contrast with Russet (brown-purple) that looks more darker and bold but still exotic. At the end, Silver Cloud closes the list with its grayish hue.

Blue Curacao, Peapod, Silver Peony, and Russet:

One of Emporio Armani creations for Spring 2011 that is in tone with Silver Cloud: