Sou Brette New Collection Comes Up from ‘Unknown Water’

Are you looking for a new design of accessories? Sou Brette new collection, Unknown Water, is now available to buzz your style with its dauntless yet alluring look. Hard and tough cutting blends well with delicate details surely catch the attention.

Unknown Water contributes a softer, more organic form to Sou Brette’s without losing its trademark as tough, geometric-shaped jewelry. Crystal clear resin filled with faux pearl inlays, ropes dressed in textured marble print cotton in colors representing an underwater realm.

In designing the collection, Muqliza Imroni was  inspired by imaginative underwater kingdom of 1953 Russian movie, Sadko. Successfully drawn the image of classic movie,  Sou Brette is predicted to launch something timeless. Whether or not Sou Brette could make it, you’d better check it out.

Sou Brette at Tribute

Jl. Wijaya IX/ no. 23, Jakarta Selatan 12160

(+62.817.4000.29, +6221.739.2909)

Here are some pieces of Unknown Water:

Myriad Necklace:   Rp. 775.000,-

Luminarie Necklace:   Rp. 875.000,-

Demi Lune Bracelet: Rp. 395.000,-                         Warrior Bracelet: Rp. 675.000,-

Luminarie Ring (price isn’t available)

** All Sou Brette jeweleries are individually handcrafted so each piece will have slightly different form and color.