Find Your True Match in A Week’s Time

I came to the office this morning to a broken white envelope waiting for me. When I open it, there’s a USB with an instruction to plug it in and play the video. As quoted from the card, it said ‘Expect your true match within a week.’ In the mean time, I can go and check out

Apparently the video contained in the USB foretold a story of Denis, whose looking for the girl of his dream – his true match. I’ll append the video here, so you can all watch it.

If you want to follow Denis’s story in finding the girl in the Trans Jakarta bus, you can follow his twitter account at @guedenis.

Anyway, upon reading the word ‘True Match’, I immediately associated it with L’Oreal True Match Line. It is an invention from L’Oreal of a complete makeup collection to precisely match your skin’s tone and texture. I really hope they will have more shade available for the Asian market, especially those leaning toward medium and darker tone. Maybe finding the perfect shade of foundation is as hard as finding your true love.

But what do I know? We will know it for sure in a week time what true match really is.

In the mean time, I’m dying to try the roller foundation applicator. I hope they will have it too.