New Source Defense from Bvlgari Skin Care

Bulgari is one skincare line that we’ve known for quite sometime. However none of us here have really tried it before since it’s launched back in 2007. Maybe knowing that it’s a luxurious skincare line kind of scares us to browse for anything from the line (scared that we want to try it!). The Bulgari Perfume and Cosmetics which produced the skin care line have its own research team in Nuchatel, Switzerland and it’s said that their signature gem essence formula is incorporated into all products. Maybe that is why the line is much more expensive and of course because it’s marketed under the luxurious label.

This fall in the attempt of strengthening their position as luxury skin care line Bulgari launched a new group of antioxidant hydrating products called Source Defense. Patrizio Stella the Managing Director of Bulgari Perfume and Cosmetics explained that “Source Defense is for all ages, and strangely enough while it is focused on women there is also appreciation from men.”

Currently the emulsion moisturizer and cream for dry skin priced at $185 each are already available in store. In addition there’s also a serum retailing for $190 and in November they will be launching a tinted cream that will be sold for $70. During it’s initial launched the line was sold exclusively in Italy, but over the last couple years they have expand to over 250 doors worldwide – including Indonesia, although we’re unsure at this point which department store carry it.

Other than the signature Gem Essence, this new line will also includes extracts of sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and citrine that are rich in minerals and that have an antioxidant effect and restore radiance.

Although currently this division of Bulgari isn’t yet profitable and their campaign strategy has been a very quiet one – relying solely on the introduction of products via facials to individual clients, word of mouth and press relations but this division has a very big dream. As one of the top 10 worldwide brands in fragrance, Stella explained that they’re hoping the skin care line would match the achievement of the fragrance line over the next couple of years within the extensive beauty care market. Stella said that “We believe a true prestige proposition needs to be served on a one-to-one basis.”

*Source WWD