We are Ready to Mob!

We’ve been talking about Flash mob for the past few weeks and we’ve also been saying how cool it would be if we could participate in the biggest flash mob in Jakarta this Sunday.

We’re not all talk, you know. We actually started practicing the moves since last weekend and here’s a video to prove it to you!

Done laughing? :D

Okay, okay, we have to admit it was pretty bad dancing, if you could even call it that. If we were on “So You Think You Can Dance” we would have been shot down by the judges before the song even finishes :D But the point of this activity is not how well you can dance. Imagine spending approximately 5 minutes, dancing together with hundreds of people, most of them you have never met, blowing the minds of other people who witness the scene. We think that would be a really cool way to break out of our routine. And judging from the current situation which is quite depressing, to say the least, we think doing something like this could very much uplift our moods :)

So are you interested to join us and bust a move? :) Please register your name here. Or join the discussion on Flash mob in our forum here.

Come on, it’ll be super fun!