The Search for Comfortable Everyday Shoes

By now, I’m sure most of you know about my mission to find a pair of comfortable shoes that I can use daily. I remember Hanzky wrote an article on How to Pick Good Quality Shoes a while a go, so I keep everything she wrote there in mind before I continue with my search for ‘the perfect pair’. The aim of the mission is only one: to find a shoes that I can use daily but it have to be comfortable yet at the same time still look stylish. I don’t have to suffer every single day just for the sake of fashion right?

One brand that came in mind when I was searching for the perfect pair was Camper. My friends back in the University used to rave about their pair. At that time, moving from one class to the other requires a lot of walking (say 1-2 km between one lecture theater to the other), therefore it’s only natural that people rely on their most comfortable shoes. At that time, I thought the design of Camper shoes is too funky for me and even at that time I still prefer to suffer in my heels than to succumb to the lure of flat shoes.

When I browse through the Camper website, I found out that they not only sell flat and casual shoes but they also have few with heels. Many of the review that I read regarding Camper shoes with heels are comfortable. Contrary to what I believe, many of the Camper shoes displayed on the website have wide variety from classic to the more edgier look. They even have a tie up heeled shoes that exudes the word classic all over it, but the plastic heels add a bit of life to the otherwise boring pair of black shoes. Plus, it’s perfect for the rainy season :)

Come to think of it, now that I don’t need to be on black suit all the time, why would I need a classic looking shoes? But now that I have more choices, I’m more confused than ever! Because all the pairs from Camper satisfied my criteria – can be used daily (ticked), comfortable (ticked) and, lastly, stylish (ticked).

With so many choices, I become disoriented! Wanting every single one. From the wedge one (the red one is so flexible that you can bend them!), to the sweet looking mid heeled t-strap shoes and the last one is the multiple straps mid heels pair.

I’m currently inclining toward the pair in the first row on the right. Even the flat one looks so cute :) Noticed the slight difference in the pair below? The pair below comes from the TWS or Twins line, although looks generally similar but if you look closely they have a slight difference. The pair below have different upper lining colour, even though the colour combination are the same in general.

If you’re me, which one are you going to pick?

Anyway, aside from Hanzky’s guide on the above mentioned articles, I also make sure that the shoes that I’m about to buy is lightweight so that I don’t have to feel the burden of carrying them all day long. I also make sure that the shoes fit me perfectly, avoiding slippage and cuts on the heel and finding one that hugged my foot perfectly and hold them securely.  How do I know this? Because I tried to walk on them for a couple of minutes in a hard surface first before deciding which one to get. What really helps is that the people at the store knows and care about the fitting of the shoes so that I can have their opinion on which one really fits my foot.