ModelCo Powerstick Duo Concealer & Foundation

Foundation is one beauty product that stays in your face for at least 10 hours a day within your skin. With that much time spent together with your foundation, you want something that will help you look beautiful at all times. It’s not like everyday you can go to a professional makeup artist and have your makeup done by them right?

ModelCo have just the right product for you. The Powerstick Duo Concealer and Powerstick Duo Foundation promise to give you protection and treatment to keep your face healthy although you wear foundation most of the time, yet at the same time offer coverage to achieve a flawless complexion. The product has a white part in the middle which is an active inner cores that is ideal for combination skin that provide coverage perfectly to both dry and oily areas at the same time.

The Powerstick Duo Concealer can conceal imperfections where at the same time  will help in smoothing fine lines and gives soft velvet finish to the surface so your face looks smoother. The creamy concealer with spherical powders and micronised colour pigments is the one that allows the smooth application and appearance of the concealer. The inner core contains apple extract which helps rejuvenates the skins appearance and reduce visible signs of aging because the alpha-hydroxy acids contained within the extract. Moreover, it helps to maintain the suppleness of the skin  and prevents further formation of fine lines and wrinkle.

For the Powerstick Duo Foundation, it comes in 4 shades Ivory 01, Natural 02, Warm Beige 03 and Honey 04 and it also contains SPF 15. It contains Soy Derived Sterols which comes from Soy Bean that will help to moisture and nourish the skin as well strengthen it. It is also said that Soy Sterols also soothe and calm the skin with it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. The Moringa Oil helps to fight the visible signs of aging because it’s rich with oleic acid and anti-oxidants. Whereas Date Seed Extract which is rich in phyto-hormones further helps combating the visual signs of ageing, working to help reduce wrinkles and skin will appears more firm, smooth and plump.

With stick products, it is best to draw several line onto the face and use your finger or brush to spread the product evenly into the skin. For oily skin, it’s best to only use the outer part (the coloured part) of the stick and blend it.

The retail price of these products are:

  • Powerstick Duo Concealer Rp 275,000
  • Powerstick Duo Foundation Rp 440,000

These products can be purchased at Senses.


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