Our Love for Batik Will Never Fade

It was last year that Fashionese Daily crew excitedly discussed what we were going to wear on 2nd of October 2009, because we just found out about the good news: Unesco will list batik as one of the world cultural heritage from Indonesia and 2nd of October is going to be our official National Batik Day! So on that day, we all posed with our best Batik and shared the excitement with all of you.

Since then, we never stopped writing about Batik and other Indonesian traditional fabric. We have featured Batik shoesskirts, jackets, dresses, bolero and tops, we wrote about the cultural and historical background of Batik, we also showed you the best places to score gorgeous Batik fabrics.

If people were scared that Indonesia’s new-found love of Batik will be a short-lived craze, I think we have seen that it’s not true. If anything, our love for Batik even grows stronger!

We see more and more new and creative styles of wearing Batik. Some of us have probably even invested in good quality Batiks and treasure them dearly. Today, on our 2nd National Batik Day, once again we share the excitement and pride towards our national heritage. (We asked you to tweet us your picture wearing Batik today and we’ll give one of you a surprise package!)

By the way, if your Batik collection is getting bigger and bigger, do pay attention on how you clean and care for them. If you don’t wash them correctly, the beautiful pattern will fade eventually. So a few tips to share:

  • Wash them gently with hands, don’t use machine or brush
  • Don’t squeeze dry because it will ruin the fibers of your Batik
  • Air dry the Batik but do not put them directly under sun light
  • Don’t iron them directly, lay a thin fabric on top of the Batik first
  • Use a liquid detergent specially formulated for Batik. Attack Batik was just launched recently and it contains natural ingredients that are gentle enough to be used for your most precious Batik and will not cause the pattern to fade.

Please visit batikcintaku.com for more info on washing caring for your Batik.

Just like we don’t want the patterns in our Batik to fade, let’s not let our love for Batik fade too. Let’s preserve our heritage in our closet and in our hearts.

Happy Batik Day everyone! :)