The YSL Rouge Volupte

By: Chylpester

As make up junkie, I am sure lipstick is essential in our make up bag for the easy change from day to night look.

Before I tried the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick, MAC and NARS are my go-to brand when it comes to lipstick. MAC for their incredible arrays of colour and as for staying color, NARS was the winner. Was. Now, let me introduce you to my new-found love in the lipstick world, the Rouge Volupte from YSL.

My first encounter with Rouge Volupte took place last year, when I came to the FD Big Gathering at Casa Grande Apartment. YSL was a sponsor at the Gathering Event, I came there in purpose to try out their latest Pur Gloss lip gloss after reading the rave review on FD blog, but couldn’t resist to try out the lipsticks as well. The Rouge Volupte lipsticks are creamy, thus moisturizing and won’t dry out your lips like NARS, great color pay-off, and to my delight, have superb staying power too. There’s a hint of mango scent in the lipstick. A mango scent that is quite similar to The Body Shop Mango Body butter. For those of you who prefer their lipstick without any kind of smell whatsoever, you might find this annoying. But not for me, I found the mango scent pleasing.

Not only is the formulation spot on but the packaging is to die for. The lipstick is packed in glamorous golden tube. On top of the tube there’s a small mirror handy enough for helping you apply the lipstick when you don’t bring a compact mirror. I got mine in Forbidden Burgundy, a perfect shade of plum that I’ve been searching for.

It’s September now, if you’re in for the Fall look, you should definitely go the nearest YSL counter and get yours. My advice while you’re there, do try their Pur Gloss as well, it won’t be dissapointing. I promise :)