Get More Than 5 Styles From a Kaftan Top

It is pretty understandable that we, women, want to get the most of our money. In purchasing an item, we want something that we can wear as often as possible and in many ways. Here I introduce you a top from our local brand that can be worn in many styles: Kaftan by Milcah.

Milcah itself described this item as “more than 5 styles to discover in just one piece”. Well, the picture below shows eight styles obtained from a Kaftan top. So I guess If you are a super-creative person, you might be able to create more looks.

Yes, Kaftan top is a unque product that will stimulate your creativity when wearing it. Kaftan top is just a simple top but with special cutting. You can wear it for whole week without running out of ideas about the style. As a little suggestion, maybe you’ll need to print the picture above then glue it on your cupboard to peep various ways of wearing a Kaftan.

This fashionable and multi-style item is priced Rp. 225,000 a piece and available in three colors. Such a smart investment for your wardrobe :D

Kaftan top is not the only interesting Milcah product. Its website, shows several other fashionable and unique items. But if someone ask me to choose my favorite, then it goes to the Kaftan because (as I said,) it is creative.

Milcah also has Twitter account named?:  @i_amMILCAH. Milka Faustine Arthaputri, the person behind Milcah, can be reached through email at or just call 0818113956/0818123640.

Need more inspiration on how to wear the Kaftan? Here is a picture uploaded by Milcah’s customer that might give you a hint of how it can be used in many different ways.

So, is Kaftan top interesting and convincing enough for you?