Paris Hilton Is Coming To Town

Well, that was the plan anyway, until her trip was canceled after a little fiasco in Japan which made her hop on to the next flight back to USA.

But anyway, a couple days ago Paris’ planned visit to Jakarta makes her become the much talked about topic among the people here. The reason for her visit is to launch her handbags and accessories store that was officially launched on Saturday, Sept. 25 at Grand Indonesia shopping mall. At the same time, Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories Fall/ Winter 2010 Collection was also introduced. Paris Hilton retail store has previously reached Dubai, Sao Paolo, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City and St. Tropez.

Although Paris couldn’t make her visit to Jakarta, people were still enthusiastic to see her collection and store. The crowd not only watched the collection preview from the fashion show, but they got the chance to visit the store at Under Ground level, West Mall of Grand Indonesia.

The items available on the store ranging from handbags, purses, and perfumes. Paris described her collection as sexy, sleek and stylish. “I wanted handbags that both look great and last a long time. All of the handbags are great to carry around. They go well with any outfit, they’re comfortable to hold and super cute,” Paris stated.

You can also browse the Fall/ Winter collection of Paris Hilton; handbags and accessories on, and fragrance on

Is Paris’ collection as amazing as she said? We’ll let you decide ;)