163. Inside Lola’s Bag

Lola is currently undergoing her doctoral program and reside in Germany. She usually bring many stuff with her because the system of the doctoral program in Germany demand her to go and give seminar and lecture, undergo research project and also going for the 9 to 5 office routine instead of just sitting inside lecture theater the whole day. Sometimes when the work is piling and the deadline is waiting for her, she also have the overtime moment as well. So it’s really inevitable to carry all the stuff with her :)

The bag: ASOS Oversized Bowler Bag (bought online at www.asos.com on Clearance; it’s really really spacious! :)*

The content:

  • Crumpler Banana Hammock for DSLR Camera (kebetulan saya juga suka amateur photography… sekarang “on a mission” untuk capturing Fall Sceneries)
  • ESPRIT Synthetic Leather Purse (bought online at www.esprit.de on SALE ;))
  • A cute coin pouch bought in Japan, a gift from a friend
  • A pretty cosmetic pouch bought in Thailand, another gift from a friend
  • Levi’s Jeans Optical Glasses Case
  • Cellphone Samsung SGH i780
  • Batik Cellphone Pouch bought in Jogja
  • Small plastic blue comb
  • Sephora Nectar Shine Lipgloss
  • Face Powder from The Body Shop
  • Aloe Vera Hand & Nail Balm
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Tissue
  • Peppermint candies “The Mum of Happiness” from “The Interesting Thoughts of Edward Morton”, bought in Camden Town, London
  • Two packages of tea; Turkish Tea from Albert Heijn and “Fruit Wellness” from Pickwick
  • Umbrella *for the stormy fall*
  • iPod Nano + iPod armband for jogging
  • Oxford mini school German dictionary\
  • “Small Change” by Susan and Larry Terkel (a good, inspiring self-help book- this month’s reading for me, dibaca kalau sedang di Underground train dan bus)
  • A passport-like small agenda + pen to write things down
  • Passport  (residence permit di Jerman bentuknya seperti sticker visa yang ditempel di dalam paspor, jadi harus dibawa kemana2) + semester ticket (mahasiswa di Jerman biasanya mendapat fasilitas khusus yaitu semester ticket, untuk digunakan pada segala jenis transportasi publik seperti bus, underground trains, trams, kereta regional kelas 2 di seantero wilayah negara bagian yang bersangkutan)
  • Apple (a day, keeping the doctor away :p)