YSL Documentation ‘L’amour Fou’ Premiers in Paris

L’amour Fou is a documentary that tells about the relationship between fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and businessman Pierre Bergé. It shows no limits to what French will do for love.

The film was directed by Pierre Thorreton. It is released in French cinemas Wednesday, Sept. 22 while the premier was held in Paris.

Decorator Vincent Darré commented “I think I would be capable of everything: a murder, leaving my house, [or] dropping everything”.

“If I were a boat, I would plunge into the sea. If I were the mountains, I would climb the highest peak. I am slightly competitive, so it would be a little performance,” Loulou de la Falaise, Saint Laurent muse, shared her wildest fantasies.

Betty Catroux, Sonia and Nathalia Rykiel, Bernard-Henri Lévy and his wife Arielle Dombasle also attended and celebrated the release of the film.

Bergé declared that he was very happy with the film. He revealed that some of the archive footage that Thorreton unearthed was new, even to him, including grainy footage of Saint Laurent with Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol.

Meanwhile, Thorreton was buzzing after hearing that the doc won the international critics’ prize for special presentation at the Toronto Film Festival, where it received its world premiere this month.

Source: www.wwd.com

Synopsis: After Yves Saint Laurent death, Bergé, his life companion for about 50 years decides to sell their private art collection which is considered as “the auction of the century”. The collection contains objects that tells story covering their personal lives. L’amour Fou also shows rare material archives and exclusive images of their homes, tells their story about love, art and ethics. (Source: www.filmsdistribution.com/fd_film.php?id_film=365 )