Young & Restless Singaporean

Young and Restless, a Singapore based label has just recently launch their Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection. This label was born through a collaboration between Ashburn Eng for Singaporean Label Max.Tan.

Eng, a fashion creative and conceptual fashion stylist hailed from Singapore was on the spotlight when he received the two top prizes at the Iconique Societás Awards in 2009 for Best Fashion Stylist and Overall Winner. As an advisor to the designers, he never fail his clientèle by giving them a spot-on advice that they often need by leveraging from his knowledge of clothing presentation and corrections. It’s no surprise that he later on decided to create his own line.

Max Tan sees an opening in Eng’s vision in creating a line and jump into the opportunity by offering a partnership. The man behind the critically acclaimed Singaporean fashion label has worked for many times with Eng. They often have common voice when working together, later on when they continues the relationship to friendship they also sees that they’re both are always in agreement. Of course it’s only natural for Max Tan and Ashburn Eng to work together to give birth to Young & Restless.

The principle line Max.Tan itself is worth to take note because it’s the only Singaporean Label that showcased their collection in the prestigious MODEFABRIEK show in Amsterdam. It is also the only Singaporean label that has been selected to represent Singapore to compete in an international fashion competition that will be held in Shanghai in October 2010. Their style is androgynous and avant-garde but this doesn’t mean that it limits Young & Restless design to the same concept, instead it gives underlying principles to it. Young & Restless collection depicts an image of a girl that is undergone a transition, from someone that treasured life and joy to someone that yearns for despair. So the collection gives a conflicting image, for instance the choice of colours that seemed to go at opposite ends such as black and blue to broken white. Also shapes that are flowy and oversized to those that hugs your body figure intimately.

For more information regarding the label visit their website at or visit the Max.Tan store at:

Parco Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk
Parco next NEXTsection
Level 2

Below are the preview of their latest collection.