Jason Wu Nail Polishes Hues for CND

Like we don’t have enough collaboration yet, we have another one to tell you. But this time around it’s nail polish! I haven’t ventured into nail polish for so long, afraid that I’ll get tempted to buy another unnecessary bottle. Like any other addict, you can go only for so long without craving for a new bottle (of nail polish of course). So this collaboration really tickles my interest.

Jason Wu who recently expanded his portfolio to include accessories during the showcase of his Spring RTW 2011,  collaborated with CND to bring the Jason Wu Nail Color & Effects Collection. CND has been handling Wu’s fashion show for the nail colour since 2006. So the event is just right for Wu to launch the nail polish collection since nail polishes are often described as accessories for women’s fingernails.

The collection consist of four different shade dominated by more softer tone and one deeper hue and will be available in May 2011. The four shade are Brigitte (dirty rose), Veronica (blood red), Sophia (dark mushroom) and Miss Wu which is Wu’s favourite among the four. Miss Wu is a limestone-grey with a satin finish and originally developed by CND for Wu’s fall runway show using a layering technique. Wu said that he loved this nail polish because it has a an undertone of silver that was very masculine, yet the upper tone is pink which is somewhat feminine. The extra one bottle is Anna, it’s used on top of the polish to create texture since it has tiny pieces of silk to give nails depth like feathers do on garments.

We hope there’s more collaboration to come!

Which bottle are you waiting for the most? Although Miss Wu seemed to be the bell of the ball, but red is everlasting and classy and it seemed fitting with the red lips seen on couple of Spring RTW 2011 faces, so Veronica interests me the most for the time being.

*Source & Image: WWD