Lily Allen and Lucy in Disguise

I’ve always loved Lily Allen‘s style, from the prom dress-wearing era when she just launched her debut album “Alright, Still” to today’s more sophisticated and chic version of her. In 2007, she launched a clothing line called “Lily Loves” and last year, she was chosen to represent Chanel Coco Cocoon collection by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

This year, the singer who was “discovered” from MySpace is going to start her newest fashion venture. With her sister, Sarah Owen, she is gearing up for the launch of their Lucy in Disguise vintage boutique in Covent Garden later this month by giving London shoppers a taste of what’s to come.

On Friday, the duo launched a pop-up Lucy in Disguise boutique in Selfridges’ Wonder Room on the ground floor. The space carries pieces by Bill Gibb, Ossie Clark and Lanvin, which customers can buy – or rent for 20 percent of an item’s retail price.

The pop-up space will also house an Illamasqua makeup counter and a hairdressing area, designed so shoppers can step out of the store party-ready in their new purchase.

The boutique will be open through Sept. 15, when a permanent Lucy in Disguise concession will open on Selfridges’ second floor designer area.

Meanwhile, come Sept. 16, the sisters will launch a 3,000-square-foot Lucy in Disguise store on King Street in Covent Garden.

If you have a plan to come to London, you really should make the time to check out the store.  There will be areas devoted to different eras, such as the Twenties and the Fifties, while the space will also have a Bumble & Bumble hair salon, a Grey Goose vodka bar and a Playstation den for any men who wind up in the store. Also, many of the vintage pieces that Allen has worn during her performances would be available to hire or buy as part of the vintage stock.

Lilly Allen and her sister also have a plan to launch ready-to-wear collection too. They have designed a Lucy in Disguise London collection of vintage-inspired pieces, which is planned to launch for spring 2011.

Allen and Owen are currently in discussions with retailers, and the collection will wholesale internationally and retail via the label’s Web site,

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