Resort 2011: Reminiscing on Sensuality

Resort 2011 brings back the word sensual and left behind the over rated ‘sexy’. What can be more sensual than teddies, bralettes and bloomers made from materials such as satin and lace. If you’re brave enough go for the see through.

Lingerie is supposed to be fun with a touch of sensuality. We sometime overlook the importance and the boost of confidence that it gives. Maybe Resort 2011 take on lingerie will convince you to invest in this part of the wardrobe.

The Bra & Underwear

Only Hearts & Huit

Hanro & VPL by Victoria Barlett

The Teddies


Kiki de Montparnasse

The Slip

La Perla & Only Hearts

Source: WWD

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  • Chocolatos

    wihhh lucunya bisa beli dimana tuh underwear, lucu-lucu modelnya nih. kira-kira nyaman dipake ga ya. maklum katro nih eike hehe biasa pake sorela n wacoal aja ato piere cardin

    • DesZeLL

      Kalo dari bahannya sih nyaman yah keliatannya. Unfortunately La Perla gue baru liat di Harvey Nichols doang dan yang lain belom pernah liat disini

  • missailema

    I love lingeries! Thanks for this post! :)

    • DesZeLL

      I know they’re so much fun :)

  • sven

    love those teddies! keren yah, agak2 vintage (tapi nggak grannylike hehe), dan kayaknya comfy…

    • DesZeLL

      And they dont look so tight as well :)

  • vanya

    Sven agree… you spoke my mind :D

  • kyla-colada

    Me too. love the teddies…. a bit haute-couture kayaknya malah.. hehehe..

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