Fashion’s Night Out Beauty Items Must-Haves

We’re green with envy for those who can attend Fashion’s Night Out, one of a kind global shopping event in New York. This year Fashion’s Night Out will be at 10 Septmber. There are many things that we’re so envious about that we have lost count, but most importantly, if you’re able to come here are some beauty items that you will have a chance to have first hand!

1. Marchesa Le Métier de Beauté

The duo from Marchesa, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig has collaborated with Le Métier de Beauté to launch a makeup collection. During the Fashion’s Night out, Bergdorf Goodman will exclusively launch two makeup palettes, La Lune that reflected Georgina’s smoky eyes and stained lips style as well as Le Soleil to create Keren’s tawny skin and nude lips combination  The Le Soleil  palette consist of five colour (as well as the La Lune), that consists of eyeshadow, bronzer and lipstick that will leave us with the eternal summer bliss. The price is quoted for $65 but we’re still unsure until the good itself hit the counter.

This makeup collaboration with Le Métier de Beauté is the first step for Marchesa to the beauty industry. The casing will be black and sleek and the collection itself will consists of two face palettes, lip glosses and highlighting pens. Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus will stock this collection afterward and the price is set starting from $38.

Good news is that this beauty collaboration is not a one off and will go on for at least the next 2 years.

2. Chanel Nail Lacquer – Les Khakis de Chanel

It seems that lately everytime Chanel releases their nail colour collection, there’s always at least one bottle that will gain an out of proportion spotlight (and hit eBay for $100 after it’s sold out!). This time around the Les Khakis de Chanel collection might probably have the same effect with drool-worthy mute colours, that is camo-coloured inspired. Peter Phillips designed the trio of utility-chic nail colours just for the night out.

3. Tom Ford Black Orchid Cosmetics Collection

This collection might only going to be launched on 20 September. But Tom Ford counter at Saks will have limited stock of 20 with Tom’s signature gracing the golden box. A box worthy to be on any beauty addict collection! We could not help but to look at the black lipstick packaging with so much love. It doesn’t hurt if the handsome man himself  can hand the box to us (wishful thinking of course LOL).

4. NARS Pure Matte Lip Color

We’ve been a huge fans of NARS blushes because it’s so pigmented! The lipstick is as tempting and pigmented as the blush as well. So we’re excited to hear that NARS is launching a new type of lipstick. Francelle Daly – the new makeup artist for NARS – will team up with 3.1 Phillip Lim during the night out wat Lim’s SoHo boutique. The lipstick itself is package in a slimmer box tube compared to the other NARS Lipstick.

5. The Mysterious Colour of Revlon Nude Lipstick

Gucci Westman has created super limited edition (that means it will go out of stock in 1 second sharp :p ) and the colour is nude. Not that we’re running out of nude lipsticks (we have plenty!) but a super limited edition is really hard for us to not drool over. Westman said that the shade is “a perfect, very wearable nude. Something every girl needs in her bag for fall”. You can get this lipstick (if I read it correctly) at Rag & Bone during the night out, where if you’re willing to dish out $50 not only you will get the lipstick but also a makeup touch-up with Westman himself.