Last Minute Lebaran Shopping

Some of us have probably done our shopping for Lebaran for quite some time. Maybe even before the Ramadhan month started. What about you ladies, when did you usually do your shopping for items to be used on Lebaran? The mid season sale this year happened just in time before the Ramadhan started, maybe some of you have stocked clothes for Lebaran around that period of time?

For us at the office, we went to Thamrin City the week before Ramadhan started. We were planning to get some stuff like shirts or tops for people that work around our office neighbourhood who have helped us during our daily activity at the office. I’m sure many of us here have that sort of people that you want to give something for the Lebaran? Maybe your babysitter, driver, security guard, office boy and many others. We thought Thamrin City would be the perfect place since they have many stores that are similar to Tanah Abang, although the magnitude could not be compared to those in Tanah Abang. But they still have decent selection and we heard about the Batik Center there that surely tickled our interest. So we close shop for the day, and the whole team (yes that means including Thomas) went to Thamrin City.

We didn’t go straight to the Pusat Batik Nusantara, instead we started at Pusat Busana Muslim and there were rows of stores selling head scarves and moslem attire. We were really overwhelmed by the choices! But if you happen to need modest clothing, mukena or hijab you definitely need to go here! Because you will most likely find what you want. What intrigued me is that you can find all sort of mukena here, the cheap one to the expensive one (like Rp 1 mio expensive!). If you need a gift for your relatives, you may want to check the Pashmina collection and with Rp 60,000 you can get a really lovely one. I’m sure if you bargain hard enough you can get cheaper one.

After we end our tour on that section we finally go over to the Pusat Batik Nusantara section, where we found sea of Batik, from mere fabric to one that is already made into shirt and dresses to name a few. Since we still have a lot of time at that time, few of us bought batik fabrics. The price really depends on the type of material, the prints and method. You can get material from as cheap as Rp 40,000! I got a Paris Batik for Rp 65,000 a piece, which is pretty expensive considering others we’e priced at Rp 50,000 but I was pretty happy with it because it got a unique pattern compared to others that I saw there. I’ve made them into a dress and bolero. When you shop ahead of time, you still have a headstart with your tailor :)

Affi got herself a Mega Mendung whereas Vanya bought Batik Kumpeni, and Hanzky wanted the Batik Tulis which she didn’t ended up buying because she was confused on what to made out of it.

We were also pretty happy because we got what we went there for, there are a lot of Batik Shirt with wide variety of patterns to choose from that sold from Rp 25,000 or Rp 35,000 and they already look really good as gifts.

You can also find clothing made from Batik that are tailored really well but they can be quite pricey starting at Rp 350,000. So this place is actually quite a good place to shop. The place is huge, the parking lot is huge and is not as crowded as Tanah Abang! It’s probably the place to go if you haven’t done your Lebaran shopping up until today.

We heard that Mal Ambassador has been crazy for the last couple of days, but we love that place because actually they have everything under the sun that you can think of. If you can spare LOTS of energy, well … we don’t really recommend you to go there, but if you want to, why not. Other places such as ITC Mangga Dua might not be better off I bet.

For the last couple of years that I spent malam takbiran at Jakarta, I remember that the the malls usually open until quite late. You might want to also check which malls are opening for Midnight Shopping, just in case you need to do last minute shopping.

With that said, good luck with your shopping and enjoy your holiday!