The Versatile Bolero from Batik Snob

If you visit Female Daily’s Market Plaza frequently, I’m sure by now you’re familiar with Batik Snob already. Batik Snob first open its store at our Market Plaza and introduced their collection in June 2010. Their concept is chic, colorful, comfortable with using textile made from Batik as their material. Batik Snob wants to see more ladies wearing Batik every where they go and at any occasions – not just the formal one. Even when you’re wearing batik you can still look chic and feel comfortable.

Batik Snob items are made to fit all sizes from S to XL and what made them very special is that they made only 1 pieces per item and once it’s sold you will never see them again! So no wonder many FDers fight over their stuff every time new products being uploaded. One of the item that we’re eyeing at the moment is the ‘V’ Bolero which cost Rp.149,900, the V stands for Versatile and we think Batik Snob’s concept really reflected in this bolero because you can wear this for casual (with your jeans) or for more formal occasion (with your LBD). Did you know that since it first launched, in its first 2 months alone there have been 150 pieces of V Bolero sold?

They uploaded their new items every Monday to Friday at 8 PM and since August 2010, they also sell their products at Facebook and the uploading time is at 12 AM.

You know what? Even if they upload their items daily, everytime I want to purchase something from them, the next thing I know the item that I want is already sold out! That is how competitive the FDers are in terms of owning a Batik Snob item *sigh*.

Luckily, for us the newbie who haven’t owned a single item of Batik Snob, they’re kind enough to introduce the Newbie Day! The Newbie Day is scheduled at every Thursday at 8 PM and only at Female Daily Market Plaza! The aim of Newbie Day is so that new customer got a bigger chance to purchase their product, but that means you have to be a new customer and not a single item of Batik Snob has graced your wardrobe. If you’ve made a purchase at Batik Snob before, then you’re not considered a newbie anymore and need to join the long line of fans fighting over their right for a Batik Snob!

Anyway, since today is Thursday, so get your fingers ready few minutes before the clock hit 8 PM to purchase your Batik Snob (of course if you’re a newbie). If not, visit their Facebook page rightaway because it’s 12 AM already.