The Glossy Smooth Effect

When I saw how easy Hanzky maintains her hair after her smoothing, I was really tempted to get a smoothing myself. I’ve never really done it before, but when I was in the University, my hairstyle was always straight, thanks to the straightening iron! At that time rebonding was huge!

I don’t really like the result of rebonding, because it was too straight for my taste (and too stiff too!). My hair is not really straight nor wavy. It can be straight at one section and suddenly it decides to go wavy midway. The texture is really dry, I have a lot of fly-aways and since it has grown really long, one third of the end section has become really frizzy and it breaks real badly! Since the end part is not at its best condition anymore, even after I style my it, my hair doesn’t really go in a nice uniform condition (see the picture on the left). I need a hair style change really badly since I’ve grown tired of my long hair. It took me more than 15 minutes to style my hair and at times it can be quite troublesome. If I let my hair dries without styling it, well let’s just say that my hair can match those of the lioness’.

I heard that with smoothing all you need to spare is 5 minutes to blow dry your hair. So yeah, I’m really sold! Especially when I heard that L’oreal Professionnel just introduced their new service called Glossy Smooth that allows you to do the hair straightening service and colouring at the same time. I immediately set a schedule to try out this new service and I got the chance to visit the L’oreal office in Jakarta and had their trainers to do the service for me :)

The Glossy Smooth service is L’oreal Professionnel newest invention, where they combine the hair straightening service using Nutri-Cationic technology from X-Tenso Moisturist and hair colouring service using RICH technology from Richesse.

For X-Tenso Moisturist they have 4 types of products, which will be used depending to your hair condition, they are:

  1. Natural – For normal hair. This is the product that they used for my hair, because although I had a very dry hair but my hair is still quite manageable and it doesn’t resist to the chemical they used to straighten it.
  2. Sensitized – For sensitive hair and scalp
  3. Natural Resistant – For hair that is resistant
  4. Very Resistant – For hair that is hard to style and resist quite badly when you try to.

They started by asking me what result do I want at the end of the procedure. What I want is a hair that is easy to manage and I don’t have to spend too much time styling it. I don’t want it to be dead straight either, although I know that to some degree it will definitely look straight. I don’t want it to look too limp also.

The first thing that they did was to wash my hair and afterward they chop away the part of my hair that is unattainable anymore. Well that part is quite sad! Because they cut at least one third of the length of my hair.

So goodbye my long hair! They gave me a fringe as well to ‘frame’ my face. Afterward, my hair was blow dried so they can apply some product to my hair. Before applying any product, a product called Presifon was applied to balance the negative ion on my hair and protect my hair from the procedure that it’s about to undergo. This product will also make the straightening cream penetrate my hair more easily. I think if you do this service in a salon, this is when they applied the Kerastase serum or treatment before they start with anything else.

When my hair is dry, the X-tenso Moisturist was applied layer by layer covering all parts of the hair and they leave it for 15 minutes. If your hair is included in the very resistant type, then it will probably need more time in order for the cream to work its way into your hair.

Afterward, they washed my hair again and blowdried it. By this stage, you can already see that my hair appears straighter than before.

Next, they straightened my hair using the straightening iron. Because I don’t want my hair to be too straight, they straightened it in thicker layer and leave the end more natural and facing inward.

This is the result after they straighten it, by this point if they kicked me out of my chair I think my hair was already decent enough.

Apparently, I was far from done! This is about the time they put in the neutralizer cream (my guess to neutralize the state of my hair :p ) and left it for some more 10 minutes. After that they washed and blowdried my hair again

When that was done, next was hair colouring. Before they did that, they cut some of my hair again to style it. Just to give it a final touch. For the hair colouring, they usde Richesse which will colour your hair tone on tone without amonia so it can liven up your hair natural shine and give it a colourful shine with tone such as red, burgundy, brown or very black shine. Actually, you can also mix Richesse product when they neutralize your hair. But because I want the colour to come out a bit more, they separate the procedure. They chose the burgundy for me, so I’m crossing my finger that it would turn out good because this is also the first time I’m colouring my hair.

So after like 15 minutes of waiting and another round of washing and blow drying … I am finally coming to the end of my 4 hours session. When they blowdried my hair they didn’t use any brush at all and it only took 5 minutes! I can’t shampoo my hair for the next 2 days after doing the service.

Voila, this is the final result of my hair makeover :)

Overall I’m quite happy with the result. The colour is not too obvious when you see it at a glance, but under the light you will see the deep burgundy colour of my hair. It looks more manageable as well and no fly away :) Like what they told me I only need to blow dry it (5 minutes max) when it’s half dry and my hair will already look ok as it is. I got what I want, a hair style that is easy to maintain.

At first, I was using a leave in conditioner to give my hair more nutrition. I also used a shampoo from L’oreal Professionnel line that can be used by hair that just undergo chemical procedure. However, when I used a leave-in conditioner I found that my hair become very oily and it goes limp quite fast (hours after I washed my hair). So I just use the shampoo without any conditioner at all. I much prefer to use a mask twice a week to give my hair the nutrients it needs compared to the leave in conditioner.

When I read through about X-Tenso Moisturist it contains Cationix and Emollients as well as a softening wax. No wonder I felt my hair shinier and softer, although I found my hair gets oilier faster than before.

This service is available at all hairdresser that uses L’oreal Professionnel products. Irwan Team that Hanzky reviewed previously also uses this product, as well as Luvaze and Rudy Hadisuwarno. To know how much this service will cost you contact your trusted hairdresser to know the price for Glossy Smooth service at the length of your hair and according to your hair condition.