Wardah Lip Color Palette

As part of beauty haul from a local supermarket, I got the Wardah Lipcolours Palette Exclusive.

This palette consists of of 12 lip colors in a satin (non-matte) formula, priced at Rp46,00.  Wardah also has another similar palette with matte colors.

On the back of the palette, the colors are numbered, so the it’s also a good way to try on various colors before committing to full-sized products.

Wardah promises jojoba oil, squalene, vitamin E and UV protection in this palette; I do see them in the ingredient list, along with olive oil, so the claim seems justified. The active ingredient for UV protection in this palette is Octyl Methoxycinnamate which, at sufficient level of concentration, can provide broad spectrum (UV A & UV B) protection.

The formula of these lipsticks are good.  I’ve tried wearing a few colors for whole days, usually with lip balm with sun protection underneath because I don’t really know the level of protection provided by this palette.

No. 23

I’ve also worn some colors by itself a few times, just around the house. The verdict? Colors stay around for at least 3 hours with moderate drinking and, best of all, they’re not drying!

No. 28

No. 33

In the complete swatch photo below, the colors seem to be strongly yellow-based so they all lean orange; in real life they’re not this orange and I think they are different enough from each other (click on the picture below for larger swatches).

The colors range from a bright red, to bright fuchsia, a light pink, a few mauves, and a few brownish reds. From work, to dinner reception, a casual outing or out shopping, there’s sufficient variety for a number of looks. There is a mirror inside, and the requisite useless piece of brush. [Why is it so hard to get a decent brush with a palette??]. Invest in a nice retractable lip brush, and this will be a great travel palette.

Overall, this is a good product that gives value beyond its price.

Note: Wardah cosmetics can be found at local supermarket chains and in cosmetic shops at your local pasar. I bought mine at a neighborhood supermarket.

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  • Hanzky

    Len..harganya Rp 46,00 udah di redenominasi ya…hihihi!. Murmer banget yaa dapet 12 warna. Di packagingnya ada kacanya nggak?

    • lena

      hahaha, belum ini redenominasi, kalo udah, harganya…Rp46 aja lol.
      ada kacanya kok han.

  • nenglita

    gw punya justru yg full sized product. suka banget deh sama lipstik wardah, satu2nya lipstik yg ga bikin bibir gw kering *iklaaaaan*

    • lena

      oh ya, kok gak bilang2 dari dulu lit :D
      memang kelemahan lippen lokal, nurut gue, kebanyakan yg bikin bibir kering, apalagi kalau dipake harian….

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  • http://e-no.blogspot.com/ nagacentil

    AFAIK udah ada cerminnya, cocok ya buat yang suka ganti2 warna lipstik tapi ogah bawa banyak2. Masukin daftar belanja Lebaran aaah

    • lena

      bener ada kacanya kok, naga. :D
      selamat shopping ya, produknya yg lain juga dilirik tuh, banyak yg layak dicoba rasanya…

  • Calupict

    Udah beli di Matahari Lippo Karawaci. Enggak bikin kering, definitely a steal. Yay!

  • kimii

    wow menarik banget yah si wardah ini, udah ngincer beberapa produknya gara2 baca2 ripiunya, thx len

  • nengmary

    Trim mbak lena. Saya udh intrigued ama wardah dari dulu. Skrg jd lbh manteb. Tp susah carinya. Sy tinggal depok dan sekitarnya barangkali ada yg tau? Btw, reviewnya lucu bgt. Enak dibaca.

    • Dina Andriani

      mungkin di itc depok? di toko frans cosmetic, they’re usually complete..

    • lena

      Kalau sudah dicoba, jangan lupa lapor di Female Daily Forum ya, di thread Wardah Make-up:http://femaledaily.com/showthread.php?t=4177

      And thanks for the complement jeng, glad you the blog! :D

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  • http:upi upi

    benarkah saya tertipu?

  • ndutyke

    Favoritku untuk sehari-hari ya lipsik yg varian hydrogloss krn bener2 selembab lipbalm ;) tp setelah liat review ini dan harga lip palette yg ternyata murah meriah, jd pgn nyobain juga :D

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