Their Indonesian Treasure: Ina Balasong

Ina Balasong is the General Manager of Make Up For Ever Indonesia and you can spot her from miles away thanks to her big, beautiful smile as well as her unique and sultry style.

These “zen” necklaces are designed and made by Johnny Ramli. In my opinion, this guy have mad talent when creating pieces. Both are very humble and simple but both are my most fav ones. Bought 2 years ago in Johny Ramli’s store in Bali at decent price of ~ IDR 900ribu (red string) and ~IDR 1.350ribu for the gold plated one. I adore Johny Ramli’s work. His attention to detail on such tiny pieces floored me everytime I enter his shop at Jalan Petitenget.

No sentimental reason attached to it, but I DIE because it’s extremely delicate and discreet. I’ve always been fascinated by everything Budha-related and this little pieces are completed not only with a very tiny yet detailed budha statue/picture but also with some other religious symbols, which when combined together, to me represent one-ness.