Drapery Cardigan from Dbute

You know, the hardest temptation of all when it comes to shopping is window shopping. Because I’m sure when you’re trying to spend your free time before the time to break your fast comes in the mall (window shopping some more :) ), you’re bound to find something you like. Even if you’re at home, I’m sure someone will send you an interesting link of an online shop that is just screaming at you to click it.

That’s kind of what happened to me couple of days ago. When I was waiting for that 15 more minutes before bedug (which always been the hardest time of the day), I happened to see a tweet from Dbute, which happens to be a store at ITC Mangga Dua but they have an online store. I haven’t managed to visit ITC Mangga Dua for quite some time since a trip there really needs one whole day to really scour the whole place. So an ITC store within your fingertips, interesting … and that is when my problem begun

They don’t have much stuff yet on their online store, but the few pieces that they put up are all very interesting. Especially this drapery cardigan that has a very interesting shape compared to a normal button down cardigan. I can wear this with my sleeveless dress or over a camisole with a jeans. The material is light and you can wear it in so many ways. What I like about this cardigan is that the drapery can hide all my bulge :)

The drapery cardigan is available in 3 sizes: S, M and L. It’s also on sale for Rp 70,000! So head down to www.dbute.com to get this cardigan because it’s only available in limited quantity.