Remove Eye Makeup Easily with Swisspers

What: Swisspers Cleansing Eye Makeup Remover Pads, you get 30 pads inside one pack.

What it does: Swisspers tries to give simple beauty solution by creating products such as cleansing wipes and pads that are convenient. With easy step, you cleanse your skin right down into the pores, or at least that’s what they claim. The eye makeup remover pads are formulated with lotion which helps to remove eye makeup without the need for harsh rubbing. This eye makeup remover pad also contains aloe vera and vitamin E that helps to keep your skin moisturized, fresh and supple while cleansing it. Each pre-moistened wipe is ready for use, all you need to do is pick one pads for each eyes and press the pads to your eyes.

Although it said that it removes stubborn makeup including waterproof mascara, but it doesn’t really take off my mascara that is formulated using fibers. It does removes my eye makeup after I apply the pads twice to the eyelids. It removes even the eye primer by the second application. What I did was I used one side of the pads, and then flip it over and apply it again on my lids. Even though it doesn’t removes the waterproof mascara, but I love this pad because it’s simple and I can easily toss it into my bag since it’s small in size. Also it’s very convenient to bring when traveling.

The pads is also alcohol free, hypo-allergenic and pH balanced. It’s packed in resealable pack to ensures that the pads stay moist for your next use.

How much: Rp 27,900

Last Spotted: at Food Hall Senayan City, although I suspect they would have it at all Food Hall.

Tips: Press the pads for 30 seconds on your eyes so that your eye makeup got thoroughly lifted.