Look#8: The Wallet-Friendly FOTD

Who says you need to spend a fortune on good makeup products?

If you regularly visit the Face of the Day threads in our forum, you will know that a lot of us, beauty junkies, wear all kinds of makeup product, from the niche, hard-to-find brands to the drugstore ones. And they manage to make all those products look good!

I guess that’s the beauty of beauty products :D There is always something for everyone if you would only look beyond the obvious and let yourself experiment and play with all sorts of different stuff. Also, one thing I’ve learned from all these years of trying out many different products from different price points, it’s the technique that matters the most. Yes, good products are essential but it’s more important to have some knowledge or skill to know what works for you and how to apply the products to achieve the best look possible.

Anyway, I was playing around with some of my newest beauty products one day and decided to create a FOTD. I had no theme in particular, justĀ  a regular “summery” makeup with the combination of orange and gold shadow, peachy blush and dewy, pink lips. But I guess you could say that every product I use in this look has one thing in common: they cost below IDR 100,000 with the exception of the foundation, which retails for IDR 155,000. But even that is only a fraction of many high-end foundations right? ;)


  • Erhalogy Sureface Liquid Foundation
  • Erhalogy True Matte Face Powder with Antioxidant


  • Caring Luxurious Perfecting Shadow Natural Horizons (Orange & Gold) from Caring Colours Beauty Guide Vol. 04
  • Sariayu Rimba Sumatra Mineral Eye Shadow Toba
  • Maybelline Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara


  • Sariayu Rimba Sumatra Mineral Blush On Toba


Maybelline WaterShine Pure Lipstick in BC11

I think this lipstick deserves a footnote. I was surprised when I first tried it because it feels so light and moist on my lips, it practically feels like a lipbalm. I think it’s the Vitamin E and Aqua Botanical content in it that makes it so moisturizing. I also love that it gives my lips a dewy finish and this is a perfect lipstick to wear when you don’t want to put too much makeup but still wants to freshen up your face (especially during those blazing hot days). The one I have is a mid-tone pink shade with a pearly sheen. I think I’m gonna get more shades. At IDR 49,000 a tube, they’re a steal!